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5 Wedding day clutch bag essentials

After months of planning, your Big Day has finally arrived, your packing your bag and sorting out your last few bits, now to make sure you have what you need for the actual day.

When your makeup is applied properly and professionally you shouldn’t really need to top up your makeup throughout the day. Many of my past brides and clients have even commented on how their makeup has lasted until 4am or even they have said their makeup lasted until the next day. But still it’s important to be prepared for that one tear to many so you can look fabulous all day And night. First two products up are non negotiable, that is a lipstick to top up and a powder.

Powder is simple, you shouldn’t have to use it, but sometimes we might feel a bit sweaty but no shine is actually come through, but we like to have it for the T-zone and upper lip. Powder doesn’t need to be applied all over the face as this will cause you to lose your blush, highlight and contour. So really it’s good to have incase.


The powders I recommend are any of these:


This will depend on the bride and the look your going for but some of my favorites are as follows. Keep in mind if the lipstick is a Charlotte tilbury (CT) one and your buy other bits like the powder from charlotte tilbury. If you spend €100 and use my name at the check you get €20 off. Discount code for Charlotte tilbury(CT) is: kelly Odowd

There are so many to choose from, so if ordering Mac get it online on and use the code rosieconlf for 20%off

If you have a colour scheme and want specific advice on a colour for your bridesmaids(not necessary but some brides like to buy) then message me.


The only brush you’ll need is for the powder and I recommend the real techniques one linked here, which you can buy online or in any good pharmacy or in


  • Ct- lip cheat in pillow talk

  • Mac soar

Setting spray

There are many different things that you might want to add in there but there’s a few of what I recommend. And I add to it occasionally. You might like to invest in a few staple makeup pieces, and really to have nice makeup on the 2nd day of the wedding.

I link a few ideas, but really once you invest in a few key products they will last you years and you’ll Avoid making the mistake of spending here and there and not really having anything that you’ll use. Please of your a client of mine please contact me and I’ll do my best to answer your questions or if your need a recommendation.

  • flawless filter foundation in shade 2 by Charlotte tilbury

  • Foundations like Nars Sheer glow, Mac studio fix fluid

  • chanel bronzer soleil de tan

hopefully this will help you on your journey.

Don‘t forget your discounts codes.

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